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Working with Dot has been such a great help .. we couldn't recommend her highly enough! Dot has such an amazing business sense, and the work out has given us clear direction (which has been such a help whilst starting out!). It has given us a lot more confidence in understanding ourselves, our business and our customers. We now understand what we need to do, how and when to do it. 100% worth while. Thank you Dot you've been fab!
Posted By: Sarah & Michael Briggs
Starting new dog walking business, Shipley, UK
WOW, sums up how I feel about The Dot Effect. I was struggling for such a long time to find the focus I needed in my business. I was losing hope of ever getting enough business to stay in business until I found The Business Workout with Dot. Dot is incredibly knowledgable about business and combines that with a strong intuition which helped me see where I was holding myself back and where I was not getting the right direction for my business. She won't let you get away with fooling yourself and I'm so glad, because now I'm clearer and restructuring my business and have already turned in more business in the last month than I had for the 3 months prior!
Posted By: Danuta
Education coach, South Africa
Following my instincts and signing up for the Business Workout with Dot was an excellent entrepreneurial decision and absolutely worth the time and money. Dot's authenticity, passion and guidance inspired me to confidently take my business to the next level. Thank you Dot for being you and for the dynamic and productive sessions.
Posted By: Stacie Allard -- AccessLearning
Teaching the love of learning!, Luxembourg
Thank you for the workout this morning, super creative and helpful as ever, its a pleasure working with you ... look forward to our next meet.
Posted By: Lise Lundqvist
Entrepreneur & Boutique owner, Luxembourg
I've had the desire to become an Entrepreneur for such a long time but I've been unable to find the starting point for myself with many ideas. I was referred to Dot and the investment in working with her has been the best thing I've ever done, I am finally able to clarify what I want to do, what I need to do and how to go about it. There is much work ahead but I highly recommend The Business Workout with Dot this short process has brought me further, faster than anything I could have done on my own.
Posted By: Sara
Startup Entrepreneur, Portugal
Dot has helped me realise a dream I have wanted to do for a long time. I have meet several coaches and web designers but never felt the understanding and passion that they have showed from anyone else! I had an idea of what I wanted it, but Dot made it even better! I am forever grateful for her expertise, professionalism, creativity and ideas ... and I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a business solution!

Happy and healthy regards from your lifestyle optimiser,

Cecilie Rigneus
Posted By: Cecilie Rigneus
Health Consultant, Luxembourg
There are many words I could use describe Dot, but I will use just two: Innovative and cooperative.
Innovative because she doesn’t miss a chance to introduce new ideas when she sees that the potential exists; cooperative because she is willing to provide assistance towards the common goal that you both set. Dot is original and creative in thinking; right at the moment she has a short talk with you, she understands your potential and gives you the best ideas how to use that potential. She recently gave me an idea based on my skills and abilities and I am currently pursuing that, following her advise.

So far everything she said has proved right and I am thriving in that particular direction. She is simply the best and anyone that needs entrepreneurship support would be fortunate to be under her coaching. I have found her not only to be a motivated business person, but someone who also displays a genuine care for the well-being of others and the community around her. She is THE master of entrepreneurship and what is more important she is able to identify those skills and abilities that each of us may have, but haven’t been able to show out there. It won’t happen often to meet someone like her.

Take advantage of this opportunity and let Dot be your guide into your entrepreneurship and you will never regret. She is highly recommendable to anyone that wants to change their life for better, to be their own boss, since she thoroughly understands the nature of how a business is run and operates. Remember: Dot knows what she says!
Posted By: Jugera Ibrahimi
Artist and Entrepreneur, Luxembourg / Albania
Dot’s coaching has been instrumental in providing me with proper tools to robustly define my project. Our sessions were enriched with her extensive experience and her passion for helping others. With confidence, I can take on the hard work ahead taking one step at a time.
Posted By: Diamanay Nabhan - Ngandu
Handmade collection offering bold colors and prints African fabric Clutches, Totes Bags, Beach Bags and Zippered Pouches in a simple and practical urban style for women., Luxembourg
The Business Workout was an amazing process, I was doing it to be sure I was totally clear about my business but I've discovered more about myself and my business desires than I realised, causing me to add a new dimension to my business. I'm also much more confident now that I have much greater insight into my customer meaning that my marketing strategy is no longer confusing to me or to them. I highly recommend working with Dot.
Posted By: Alan Masterson
Retail solutions, UK
I've done lots of psychometric tests and I've learnt a lot from them, but I can say that this test is so simple, yet the results and insights that I got by working through this with Dot and how this impacts my future business have been incredible. It has given me a whole new perspective on being successful in my business and has helped me better understand the people I need in my team going forward. Totally worthwhile.
Posted By: Ana
Startup Entrepreneur, Luxembourg

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