If you don't have a good, accurate and effective website and you are not using it and social media effectively you are failing to optimise one of your greatest assets. 

I'm still asked why a website is so important.  It is your brochure, online, it is the place that people can find out about your business, your products, if relevant where you are, how and where they can buy your products or services, even allow them to buy on your website.  It is where you get to build trust and credibility with someone who does not yet know you and encourages them to get to know you.  For your customers it is also the place they can go to get information without having to call, email or message you (saving you time and effort).  

A good website should be simple, easy to navigate, provide clear content that answers the client or potential client's questions and give ways by which a client can find or contact you and where necessary actually work for you as an administration centre.  A website can be so much more, it can help you with sales through an online shop, allow clients to book events, capture their email details so you can reach them regularly, give customers regular updates via newsletters or blogs, answer questions through FAQs, allow appointment booking and so much more.  All done via the website which you can reach anywhere, any time, it can be your office anywhere.

Social Media can become a nightmare, my strategy is to ensure that you use the channels that are most relevant for your business and help you plan out a schedule with posting ideas so that posting is no longer a nightmare or a waste of time but brings you real results.

My success as a coach and web developer comes from the fact that I give you insights into online media that I can guarantee you have never thought of before to the benefit of your business.  I have 40 years of business experience and I have worked for myself and others in 6 countries on 5 continents.  I have helped hundreds of clients each one has improved with my help.

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