Are you feeling out of your depth, struggling with your next move, finding it difficult to find your clients or enough of them.  Need a plan that will actually focus your business.  Get Clear - Take Action.



The Business Workout is a process that helps Entrepreneurs at various stages of their business:

  • GETTING STARTED - when you've finalised your idea and you're ready to get started, the Business Workout© is ideal to help you get fully clear on your steps and process to ensure success fromt he start.
  • EARLY REVIEW - if your business is relatively new between 3 months to 1 year this is often the time when there are many changing parts and being flexible and staying open to the opportunities is important.  The Business Workout© can help you ensure that you're staying on the right path or changing when it is necessary.
  • REFOCUS - you wouldn't be the first Entrepreneur who set off down the path only to find that there are either too many things going on, or perhaps nothing you are doing is working.  When you find yourself in this space a Business Workout© is precisely what you need.
  • GROWTH - when the time comes that your business has achieved success and you're ready to move forward, this can be very challenging.  The things that made your business successful are not always the things that will help you grow your business.  When you're considering business growth this is the ideal time to refresh and refocus by doing the Business Workout©.


Fundamentally The Business Workout© is about Getting Clear - Taking Action!  One without the other just won't give you the results you need.  What I do is break it down for you into 4 simple sessions. 

YOU - For me it is strange that many business/Entrepreneur solutions do not start with the indivdual, instead they start looking at the business.  I have a fundamental belief that if YOU, the Entrepreneur are not totally aligned and focused on your business (that doesn't mean to the exclusion of everything else), and if the business is not fulfilling something that you want or need then the business will struggle to succeed.  Entrepreneur needs, desires, limitations and ambitions are an important part of the Workout.  An unhappy Entrepreneur isn't one who is building a successful business, A happy Entrepreneur has no limits.

THE BUSINESS - Of course we work on the business but I guarantee that there are factors, which I include in the Business Workout, that will get you more clear about your proposition and how to position it. Identify any hidden challenges or opportunities and help you Get Clear - Take Action!

THE CUSTOMER - The customer may or may not be King/Queen in your business but one thing I am absolutely certain of is that without them you don't have a business.  I'm constantly aware of the number of Entrepreneurs and businesses who have entirely forgotten that making the customer the centre of your business is a winning formula.  Being as clear as possible about how their needs are met by your business rather than how they need to support your business is the strategy to success.This key area will also clarify your marketing and social media strategies.

COOLING DOWN - After any workout you need to cool down and this is the most important part.  We'll  look at all your Workout outcomes and develop these into clear strategies that will help you take your business forward with clarity and confidence.


The Business Workout was an amazing process, I was doing it to be sure I was totally clear about my business but I've discovered more about myself and my business desires than I realised, causing me to add a new dimension to it.  I'm also much more confident now that I have much greater insight into my customer meaning that my marketing strategy is no longer confusing to me or to them.  I highly recommend working with Dot.

Alan, UK