Have you got one idea but not sure how to turn it into a business.  Do you have lots of ideas and don't know which one you are ready to commit to?  Struggling to define your idea and how to turn it into a business?  Doing the Start-up Workout you'll Get Clear and be ready to Take Action



That big idea that you need to pursue a business is different for most people but I find people fall into one of these categories

  • "I've always known what I want to do, I just don't know how to make it a business"
  • "I've got lots of ideas but I'm not sure which one to pursue"
  • "I want to work for myself but I've got no idea what to do"

My Ignite Your Entrepreneur programme will work with all these scenarios in a way that helps each of them to

  • Identify your skills, experience, interests and knowledge to help determine a suitable business opportunity
  • Clarify your idea into a practical opportunity
  • Identify the type of Business that can be created
  • Pursue a 'proof of concept' to validate the idea
  • Research the market to understand the customer base
  • Consolidate into a business concept to be developed (doing the Business Workout will then develop this into a clear plan)


It's not what we want to hear but many businesses fail in their first year but the good news is that much of this can be prevented with the right actions prior to starting up.  One of those steps is to ensure that you've gone with the right idea or concept and that you're really clear about how to move forward with it.

No idea is a dead end, if one idea doesn't work it is often the building block or stepping stone for an even better idea!

Dot Bekker