Anyone can build a website ... not everyone can build a business online.  One of the critical errors people make when building their own websites is that they forget that they are building their buisness online and that requires a different approach.  We've been building websites for clients for over 10 years and proudly many of our clients are not only still with us but they continue to succeed and grow.



For many years Dot has been working under the name of Leaping Ahead and has helped many Entrepreneurs find their voice online.  It is no longer possible for any business not to take its online presence exceptionally seriously and identify and build a professional online base. 

The difficulty for many Entrepreneurs is that they are seldom technical people and even when they are the ability to develop a sustainable and manageable online presence can be challenging.  Dot helps by celarly identifying the channels to pursue as well as the voice and tone of your online media and how to develop a consistent look and online personality.



  • A suitable website presence
  • Choosing the right channels on Social Media
  • Understanding the most suitable online marketing tools to use
  • How to use online advertising tools and choosing the most suitable options, saving time and money

What do our customers say?

Dot recently built me a brand new website from scratch and I am extremely pleased with the results. Dot combines her complete professionalism with a very human touch. She understands instinctively exactly what you want for your website.

Val, Portugal