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EVENT: Speed Mentoring

I was recently invited to return to The Network (a women's network) and participate in an event that they has labelled Speed Mentoring, taking the concept of speed networking but replacing the networking with mentoring.

A diverse group of people were asked to participate covering a range of topices from Balance, career development, women in finance, time management, success, leadership, limitations and myself speaking about Entrepreneurship.

I have to admit that I truly had no idea what to expect and as those who know me will agree, I'm good at thinking on my feet.  At a table with 5 participants I tried to answer the questions of all 5 people within 15 minutes and then when the bell rang another 5 people and another, etc.  I forget now how many people I spoke to and how many questions I answered. Of course it is really impossible to truly mentor people within a few minutes but I think that all too often people have questions and what they want is a quick answer to guide them into a different direction or clarify the direction they are taking.

For me it is always exciting to think on my feet but of course it doesn't always solve the bigger issue.  Most noticable was the fact that many people are contemplating businesses or in business already but have not really 'Worked Out' their business and as such are trying to address issues that really they need to take two or more steps backwards to get the answers.

Networking as always at The Network was fun and filled with the dynamic energy of women.

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Friday, 29 May 2020