Dot is a real entrerpreneur, she has worked in several businesses across continents and countries and has succeeded and failed.  Her insights are based on real experience, years of working with entrepreneurs helping them create greater success.


With years of expereince and hands-on practice she has developed a clarity of insight into people and businesses that helps entrepreneur short cut around things to get to the very heart of any issue.  Dot has an amazing ability to just get right to the point.


When you're working with Dot you get that she is fully focused on your results and outcomes and success, she's a great person to have on your side as she will get you fully focused on what you should be doing and what you're avoiding.


With the years of experience that Dot brings you'll quickly see that she can think strategically about more than the current issue but also how one action can, positively or negatively, impact other areas of your business and how to develop your own stratgies to success.


Not only are the sessions with Dot action packed but she inspires action.  These are not just talk sessions they are sessions where things get done and she expects you to keep that momentum going.  It's great motiviation to have someone impelling you forward with great ideas and understanding.


Dot has great networks and she doesn't hesitate to use them to your benefit.  When she thinks that two of her customers or one of her other connections can benefit from working together she doesn't hestiate to put your in touch.  She's also a source of great information  helping you get information and insights.


One of the main points about working with someone professional outside of your business is to be able to get fresh ideas and perspective and Dot brings these in abundance.  She abounds with ideas, some of which fit and some don't but the benefit of this is that it opens your mind to new ways of thinking about your business and finding unique solutions.

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If you think you need some or all of these things to get started or move your business forward then reach out to Dot now.