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The legs of the matter

Long legs vs Short legs!

You may not believe it, but ask your long-legged friends if they prefer to stand while waiting or sit down!   While our legs certainly don’t follow as a face trait, they are a part of our genetic coding and it is really interesting to be aware of this trait.


When you compare the length of the leg with the overall length of the body you will generally find that people with longer legs and a shorter body are better suited to sitting down and working and people with shorter legs and a longer body (strangely it is often a female trait) are better suited to moving around, possibly you will find that these people are always buzzing about doing things.

When assigning tasks and you find that your long-legged team members are sitting when they should be standing, consider assigning a different role or making it easier for them to do the task when sitting. Similarly short-legged people will be more dissatisfied with sitting for long periods of time and can be disruptive as they are constantly bouncing around the office instead.

Fundamentally the differences in behaviour are due to body balance and the difference for each type.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019