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How to get the competitive edge (2)

Yesterday I posted about the 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey Results and today I shall focus on point 2 of the summary results:

"• Testing, if implemented at all, is usually only performed on landing pages and homepages. "

Testing ... do you test different styles, pages, formats, fonts, keywords ... actually EVERYTHING about your site can be tested and should be tested. I'll be honest, testing takes time, effort and dedication and most of us don't do it. I'm guilty of not doing enough testing on my own sites, but most site owners don't do testing because they don't understand it or don't think it is important.

So why is testing important, key points are ...

  • you think you know what your clients want and respond to, but do you really? There are times that the smallest change to a website can make a huge difference.
  • testing also means you are making changes to your site, while these should not always be radical changes (that is not to say that sometimes this is a test), your search engines love gobbling up changes. When the search engines see change on sites they come back more regularly to index these, whereas sites that never change just drop lower and lower down the ranks.
  • web changes are relatively cheap to make and you can test concepts and products before full launches to see customer trends and interest.
  • ROI - return on investment - yep, if you could get better results on your site that would equate to more sales ... that's a key point to why testing is worth doing.

So when you're testing should it only be your home/landing page? No, it should include your conversion pages, your conversion messags, your keywords for pages, images you use ... really you can test just about anything.

There is ONE important rule in testing ... test ONLY ONE thing at a time. It takes longer but if you test new keywords, new text, new images and new design ... how are you going to know which one really worked or if the results are worse than you had before, then which one really bombed? With each test accumulate the things that work and test them against new ideas.

The number TWO important rule is ... track. After 10 changes to anything you won't remember what you changed and when and if your responses worsten in any way you may want to track back to a previous version to start again. If you don't remember what you changed you could end up repeating changes or just plain getting lost.

Happy Testing folks!

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019