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How to get the competitive edge (1)

Received the Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey Results today and it made interesting reading. Adobe surveyed 1800 digital marketers and their conclusion is ... optimisation, testing and targeting content increases online conversion rates!
Some of the most interesting results were :

"• 45% of marketers do not have a mobile-optimized site.
• Testing, if implemented at all, is usually only performed on landing pages and homepages.
• According to 87% of marketers, less than half of onsite visitors receive targeted content. "

Great News! Practically speaking if you address one of all of these topics you will be moving ahead of your competitors.
I guess if there is one statistic that has me whooping for opportunity is the fact that "45% of marketers do not have a mobile-optimised site". I guess in a way that doesn't surprise me, although many clients use mobile media they forget about their own website and their customers needs.
So, if you're thinking about changing your website, and in many cases it may need a complete revamp of your site, consider that you do not only want your website to be mobile, but you want it to be responsive. What does that mean? Responsive means that your site should look good on any media that is used. That includes, varying sizes of computer screens, laptops, tablets, a wide assortment of mobile phones, etc.
I'll discuss the other points in my next blog.

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How to get the competitive edge (2)

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