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How to get the competitive edge (3)

A couple of days ago I posted about the 2013 Digital Marketing Optimisation Survey Results and today I shall focus on the 3rd point of the summary results:

According to 87% of marketers, less than half of onsite visitors receive targeted content

I found this to be one of the most staggering statitics ... if you're not targeting your content to your audience / customer / visitor ... who are you writing for?

With so many marketing messages going out to customers and potential customers, do you think that wasting their time with irrelevant or non-specific content will actually be of any interest to them ... will this make them more ... or less likely to contact you? Think about the messages you receive in your mail box, have you ever wondered what on earth the message was, who it was for or what it was about? Then what did you do ... most importantly what did your customer do? Did they 'Junk' the mail (the consequences of that are that this can black list your site), did they block the sender (then anything that is targetted will never again get thorugh), did they unsubscribe (another one lost!).

Not sure what targetted content is? This is all the talk right now 'content marketing' ... basically it means focussing not on selling, but on communicating with customers and prospective customers. It's all about giving them ideas to inspire business and loyalty from people by delivering consistent, ongoing valuable information ... doesn't sound difficult does it? Yet it is something that can be surprisingly difficult to execute, main things to consider are:

  • understand your customer and target messages to them, if they are different then use different messages, don't think that one size needs to fit all
  • be unique, interesting and diverse ... yet stay on topic
  • decide what format/formats you want this to be in ... blogs, emails, e-books, letters, website articles ... etc.

From my perspective one of the most important things to do is to integrate this content into your website in some way. Content is King on the internet and going to the effort of creating unique content and not adding it to your website is just an opportunity missed.

Happy content creating!

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How to get the competitive edge (2)
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Wednesday, 20 February 2019