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Exerting Power

In non-verbal communication space = power, thus the more of your body you are exposing the more power you are displaying.  Think back to our caveman ancestors, if you were crouched in a corner your enemy would not hesitate to conquer you but the person who stands with hands on hips showing total vulnerablity and yet exerting full power is more intimidating. 

Not much has changed today, we still use space to demonstrate power, men often display the 'butterfly arms' sitting with hands behind the head and usually leaning back in the chair, this is a classic business power pose for men.  As a woman I have found men often use this when they feel intimidated and need to regain power.  People also do it with big desks and big offices all of these display status and power and are meant to impress or intimidate people and I call these part of the Power Zone.

The Power Pose is a dual power booster as it also has its basis in body chemistry.  For anyone who has to go out to speak publically or present to an important meeting or even before an interview, take a moment in a private space (the bathroom is usually the most private), take the Power Pose - hands on hips, feet apart (shoulder width) and just stand for 2 minutes.  Proven results are that testosterone (associated with power and confidence) rises and cortisol (associated with anxiety and stress) decreases in the body.

To find out exactly how powerful this pose is, take a moment to watch the video by Amy Cuddy who has researched this.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019