Entrepreneurship is certainly synonymous with the USA.  In Luxembourg the US Embassy's programme to introduce young people to Entrepreneurship is certainly an inspiration to young people here who are not generally exposed to this as a future option.

I was privileged to be asked to participate and partner with The US Embassy - Luxembourg in their 3rd edition of the Young Entrepreneur Program.

This year the Embassy boldly decided to invite a girls only group to participate.  The invited expert was Sheena Lindahl who runs a variety of Entrepreneur programs for young people in the USA, specifically at Universities and schools.  Others invited to participate included local entrepreneurs who shared their personal experience, a non-verbal expert helping them understand more about networking and personal power and myself.  I got them to do a personal profile test which would help them understand their own style and how to look for people to compliment them.

After some weeks they were invited to pitch their business ideas to a group of judges.  It was impressive to see how these girls who were mostly shy and timid on their first day had blossomed into confident young women and potential entrepreneurs.

The presentations were most interesting ranging from technology solutions, through personal care, social and environmental solutions.  The top two positions were well deserved and the winning team will be travelling to the USA to participate in a Young Entrepreneurs summer camp in California.

In this changing world where a 'job for life' is not a common thing and can no longer be expected and as such it is important to expose young people to the opportunities that entrepreneurship presents.