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Communicate without saying a word

We all do it, we all see it, we all recognise it and yet we're mostly not aware that we do it, see it or consciously understand it, and that is non-verbal communication or often called body language.  I prefer the term non-verbal communication as we convey communication with our breathing, voice, eyes, legs, hands, mouth nose ... basically every part of us communicates if we are prepared to look and listen.

It's been a topic that I've been interested in for many years and I'll be sharing some of this information and how it can help you in business and life.

I started out unconsciously understanding non-verbals more than language because I was brought up in a Dutch speaking household, in an English speaking country.  Starting school at the age of 5 I didn't have any understanding of the language and so I discovered, many years later, that I had developed a more accute understanding of non-verbal communication. 

Over the years I've become more conscious of it and I've delivered talks to groups to inform tour guides, customer service staff, small businesses people, interviewees and more.  Recently it has come to my attention that as technology grows in our lives, social skills diminish and that the topic of Non-Verbal Communication is still something that people lack a true understanding of, so I've been encouraged by others to share my knowledge with more people.

Subscribe to the blog as I'll be posting some short and useful bits of information about the topic and I hope you'll join me and give me your feedback and questions so that I can help you better understand your own non-verbal communication and that of the people you work with as well as family and friends ... without freaking them out!

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019