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Right tools for the blog

Well it's taken some time but I believe I've finally found the right tool for my Blog! Now you may wonder why finding the right tool could take so long (took me months in between projects) but why should it be important. Like most folks say ... 'just start a WordPress blog'.

Don't misunderstand me, a WordPress Blog is a great tool, but it didn't fit into my strategy. 'Heavens to Mergatroid' you may say why on earth do you need a blogging strategy. Aaaah there in lies the thing, if you don't use the right tool, as I have seen so many who have not, issues later arise where you are doing extra work, pinging, posting and pushing your blog; or you discover that the tool you used does not suit your purposes ... but how do you move without losing all your work? These are the most common issues.

The biggest issue for me is that a blog works to create more awareness and traffic. So the biggest question I have for people is ... "why would you then have your blog anywhere other than on your website?" Surely you want that hard-earned traffic to use their time to find out more about you and what you offer? Blog bridges do some of the job but let's be honest traffic and time on YOUR website is much more valuable than traffic and time on anyone elses anywhere else.

Many bloggers use an enhanced blog to turn their blog into a website too ... that's excellent and certainly better than having a blog and a website in two different places, for simple sites and services this is an entirely reasonable (price, time and skills) proposition. However, be aware that if you require something more sophisticated going down the line, there are some limitations to a system that was built for blogging. I can already hear WordPress fans scoffing ... but I have experienced the limitations with clients and I think that, again, strategy before creating goes a long way.

I'll be talking a lot about strategy, it doesn't need to be complex but it can save you time and money.

Welcome to my Blog and I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019